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Have you been to the doctor, explained your symptoms, had a bunch of blood work run and it is all fine, nothing is wrong.  Maybe they sent you to a specialist, who referred you to another specialist, soon you have a host of professionals all treating a different part of your body?  They all mean well and are very good at what they do but it is like that story of the elephant.  Everyone is describing the same animal but no one would guess from their descriptions.  In the end you have a list of labels, maybe a bunch of pills, and still no relief?
My name is Jo Coburn and I have been in your shoes.  Several times in my life and in my role as a parent I have had health challenges that were seriously compromising the quality of my life and my children's lives.   In all my searching for answers never once was I given a good reason as to why we were having the challenges with  recurrent infections, skin rashes, autoimmune issues, anxiety, panic attacks, and all the other symptoms my family struggled to understand.  We were given many slips of paper to help deal with the symptoms but never a permanent solution. In every case, I reached out for answers and eventually found them in unlikely places.  I became a Functional Medicine trained Health Coach and now spend my days helping others find their own solution.  
Is it time for you to look at your body as a whole and look at how one part is interacting and affecting the other parts? 

 Together, we look at all the pieces to your puzzle and help you understand so you can be empowered to take control of your journey and steer yourself back onto the path to wellness.  This is not a band-aid solution for a symptom that doesn't get to the root of the problem rather a real root-cause solution to what is driving the disharmony in your unique body.  

I put you in the driver seat and give you the knowledge and tools to navigate this sometimes-crazy world of health care.
 I love helping clients understand and untangle their web of symptoms, and teach them to make choices that support their wellness instead of sabotage it.   I will listen intently to you and together we will uncover the root cause of your health struggles.  I will be there to support you and get you on the path to True Wellness.

Jo Coburn